My friend always used to tell me before that I should not judge a book by its cover, especially when it comes to restaurants. Sometimes, the down and under looking ones have the best tasting food, and not the 5 star classy restaurants where you pay hundreds of dollars per meal but go home feeling like you have been cheated of your money. I am saying this now because just recently, I have had a good experience with an unusual restaurant that I did not think would be as good as any top restos out there, and I am talking about this grill resto called SF Grill.

I was just experimenting a bit on some food that time when I happened to come across some information about this grill restaurant. But I did not want to gamble back then because I really was not into grilled food so much before. But reading the reviews, I managed to see that many other food items were included in the menu that is not meat. Salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta and so many more were actually found, and they even had good looking desserts on the menu. So when I arrived at the place, I was expecting very little about it, but I could already see that there were a lot of families and people who were really enjoying their meals. And when my order came around, I was really surprised because it was good. And at this point I decided to try their steak and cheese sandwich, and it was so unexpectedly good that I knew I found something good in this restaurant.

While observing the surroundings, I saw that SF Grill actually is a chain of restaurant that originally is in California. It started out in Chatsworth in the year 2000 by the Harrigan Sisters. They brought their family home recipes to the fore of this restaurant and over the next 14 years, they have slowly but surely grown their restaurant into more than 10 branches at the current time. It is really good to know that they have this branch here in Irvine, and they do more than just serve great food, they also have catering services available too when I checked their website in

The thing is that even though I am a picky eater, SF Grill seems to have been able to get my preferences very easily. The taste of their food is not your typical grill restaurant, and they have proven so by even winning awards like the best American restaurant or the best family restaurant over the last few years. This speaks a lot about what this fast casual restaurant is capable of, and I do believe that SF Grill is one of these establishments that will be dominating the Californian landscape in the many year ahead in the future. Who knows, maybe they are right now on the step to conquering this state, and then in the next few years, the other states of America. This is how much I believe in this resto.