The testosterone hormone is essential for physical development and growth during a young boy’s formative years. However, the hormone continues to play an important role during the entire course of a man’s life. Once you understand the role of this hormone, and what can influence its production in the body, a man may be able to improve the anabolic function and effect of testosterone in his body.


What Is Testosterone’s Function In The Body?

This hormone is closely associated with other hormones that are necessary for keeping the muscles strong. The concentration of the hormone helps researchers and doctors evaluate the anabolic state and muscle development.

The testosterone hormone has the ability to directly or indirectly affect muscle tissue. Not only can it influence protein synthesis, it can also affect the growth hormone’s response.
It also has the ability to affect the nervous system and create adaptations that may improve strength so you can lift more during weight training.

Testosterone can affect muscle tissue directly by stimulating the muscle to increase in strength and size. When testosterone levels increase, anabolic gains and other related muscle gains become more apparent.

If you think that your testosterone levels may be low, there are several natural ways that you can increase these levels.

High-Intensity Exercise    

It is common for testosterone levels to increase during aerobic exercises at a high-intensity level. Unfortunately, this type of training has been known to decrease muscle size by reducing the size of the muscle fibers. An attempt to increase testosterone levels may result in the body trying to increase protein synthesis in order to keep up with the amount of protein loss. Although high-intensity training may result in more testosterone production, it is best to keep it minimal so muscle strength and size is not reduced. See some slides on this –

Once the body becomes used to a stimulus and the resulting effects begin to reduce, you may notice that your workout has plateaued. This also applies to the way hormones are released in the body. However, when exercises, angles, and loads are varied, more muscle fibers will become stressed during the workout. This will maximize testosterone release in the body.


Your lifestyle can also affect the way your body produces testosterone. For example, sleep deprivation and intense physical activity have been shown to affect testosterone levels negatively. This is why it is important to get sufficient recovery and rest when you have a heavy training session. Get some great tips on Facebook on how to change your lifestyle to get more testosterone.

When you are under stress, the body produces an excess amount of cortisol. This hormone can lower the levels of testosterone in the body. Although cortisol levels are usually kept at a normal level by the enzyme 11-beta-HSD, when you are under stress, cortisol levels exceed the normal range. As a result, the level of testosterone falls.

Both alcohol and smoking reduce testosterone in the body. By keeping them out of your life, your body will be able to maintain heightened testosterone levels.

These are just of the natural ways that you can help to keep your testosterone level at its peak. You will notice improve muscle strength and function as well as more gains when you have a stable testosterone level. To find out more natural methods go to