I want to strain that this project actually is simple. I got the pattern piece from this tutorial on internet. The tutorial there is pretty superior, but I saw ways to get enhanced it without a lot more labor (and if you ask me, this just may be easier since I did not have to use any bias tape, and this way your hat would be reversible!).

Step 1: Print the pattern from the pdf or else cut your own using my picture as an instruction for the outline Cut out 6 of these from the cloth you desire for the top of the Printed Baby hats, 6 for the within, and if you desire to give it more structure, 6 from interfacing. I’m going to use the yellow floral fabric for the exterior of the hat, and the red polka-dot for the within. You can see here a pink floral one I’ve previously finished.

Step 2: Piece jointly your sections in group of 3. Here I am working on the red polka-dot coating. I sewed 3 of the 6 section together, and then sewed the other 3 section together in order that I end up with two matching halve. Do the similar for the other cloth and the interfacing if you are using it.

Step 3: Sew the two corresponding halves together. Optimistically your seams would be lined up on the top, but if not, it is not a big deal. The pink Baby Boy Bucket Hats made was not matched up extremely well, but with a busy fabric you cannot even tell anyways :-)

Optional Step 3.5: If you would like to place a chin strap in, this is wherever to do it. Line up your band (I just used a piece of elastic I precise on my daughter) among the two halves of your coating fabric and sew it in. The Toddler Summer Hats would no longer be reversible, so it just depends up on what you desire. You might also sew on a chin band later (which is what I did with the pink hat I prepared because I didn’t consider about it until I after I completed it).

Step 4: Stack your layer together. It does not matter which cloth is on top since you could flip the hat later for either fabric you desire on top. The merely thing you have to make certain you do is have your two fabric layer together (do not put the interfacing among them) and that the cloth is laying right-sides jointly. If you look at this image closely you will see that the right side of the red is facing down, and the correct side of the yellow is facing up.

Step 5: Line up your seams as well as sew the layers together about the outside, leaving an around 2″ gap someplace in which to turn the hat right-side out. This is a superior place to state the significance of cutting your pieces out the similar size as well as using the similar seam allowance in order that your seams would line up nicely.

Step 6: Once the hat is flip right-side out, top-stitch about the brim to close the gap you left in step 5 as well as make a nice clean border all the way around. Now just put this on your kid and enjoy!