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Content Writing Secrets

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Secrets of Content Writing

Content writing for use online is quite different from writing for other purposes.  There are some different rules that apply to the online world and they can be very different to general writing rules you would normally see in every day life.  Creating articles for websites differs from writing articles for use in print media.  Online readers are generally in search of fast answers and it is usually the wading throught the abundance of information online that slows them down.  So, if they run a search and click on your article, they are likely to scan through it quickly first.  If they find it relevant, they will continue reading.  If not, they won’t stick around.  That’s why it’s so important to get them hooked from the start and reel them in.  

For online content writing, you need a few basic skill and techniques in order to produce productive content.  There are some guidelines set out for content writers and it is vital that you are familiar with them before you begin.  If you want to achieve online success, here are some tips to always bear in mind:

Keep it simple
Internet users generally have shorter attention spans and different reading habits to print audiences.  Therefore, by keeping your content simple and easy to read, you will be able to attract a larger audience and hold their attention.  Keeping it simple also means that it’s easy to understand and your article will attract more readers than one consisting of complex sentence structures.

Get to the point
We all have plenty going on in our daily lives and online readers are generally in search of information that they need to find fast.  Do the reader a favour and get to the point within the first few sentences of your article.  If you drag the subject out too much in the beginning, readers are likely to leave and look elsewhere instead.  This goes hand in hand with simplicity.  

Make for an easy read
This is probably one of the most important tips in terms of content writing at copy queens.  Even if your daily vocabulary includes 90% of the Oxford dictionary, this does not mean that everyone else is on the same level.  If you want your online content to be read by a larger audience, you need to make it easy for them to follow and understand.  If they get lost halfway through despite their best efforts, they will simply look for another article.  Keep your complicated words to a minimum and keep your sentences short and uncomplicated.  The easier your article is for the average reader to follow, the better.

Don’t over elaborate
One of the most effective ways of maintaining the interest of the reader is by keeping everything in your article relevant and to the point.  It’s better to produce a shorter piece of writing that cuts to the chase than adding unnecessary words and phrases just to fill space.  Think about the reader, their time constraints and produce content that gives them what they want.


What You Must Learn About Business Advertising

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