In the backdrop of WHO studies on tobacco consumpti
on and its effects, when many firms came up with
the idea of electronic cigarettes and its environme
ntal friendliness, the un-wavered attention it
garnered was quite explicable. More than 5 million
people worldwide are succumbing to the tobacco
malaise every year and this product is a perfect al
ternative to regular tobacco based cigarettes.
There are a plethora of electronic cigarettes avail
able in the market and at times it’s confusing as to
which to choose from the various options available.
These e-cigarettes are dabbed in colored packets
with some features that make it unique. While it is
difficult to pick out the best brand from so many
available brands in the marketplace, presented belo
w are some of the most popular brands.
V2 Cig:
This is one more e-cigarette brand that is famous f
or its high-quality rechargeable kits. V2 Cigs
are available in different flavors, ‘Rich Tobacco’
and ‘Cool Menthol’ being the most sought after flavors.
Apart from flavors these e-cigarettes can also be c
hosen based on the number of puffs. They are
available in 200 puff variants and 400 puff variant
s. Affordability is one other factors that make this
brand well-preferred among the buyer community.
The robust brown colored titanium battery, just li
ke a cigar, gives this e-cig a masculine
touch and its diamond shaped tip glows in bright re
d. Instead of the battery getting automatically
switched on after the first inhalation, here it nee
ds to be turned on manually for some time. The heavy
blast of nicotine gives a natural feeling to it.
: It has a blue aura in its overall packaging. Even
the light at the tip is bluish. However, the
cigarette is shining black in color which sometimes
is not very appealing. The vaporizing fluid used i
vegetable glycerin. Compared to propylene glycol th
is vapor is thicker and more satisfying for heavy
smokers. Available flavors are vanilla and peach.
Safe Cig:
This e-cig has tried to camouflage the real cigare
tte to its exactness. The filters, the glowing tip
and the drag fully resemble the regular ones. Howev
er, the battery is a drag on its overall performance
and cannot even stand for half a day. The tobacco based flavors are indeed a plus here.
Njoy Kings:
The most popular brand currently available in the
market. Its sophisticated make and
compact appearance can fool anyone to be a real cig
arette. Even the nicotine blast and its consistency
for smooth and hard can mimic the real ones. It can
easily fit in the pockets and the company is coming
out with new non-rechargeable ones with just $8 pri
ce and which can last for more than one and a half
days. Be sure to check out this website over here for more information on electronic cigarettes!